Corporate policy

Company operates in Czech market since 1998. It is a part of multinational corporation Sims Metal Management, the largest recycling company in the world and global leader in secure, sustainable and responsible recovery of ICT.

Company’s priorities are environmental protection and pollution prevention, to observe occupational safety rules, to create safe working conditions, data security, information and information systems security and commitment to continuous improvement. Besides we implemented Integrated Management System according to the system standards EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001, ČSN OHSAS 18001, ISO/IEC 27001.

Our core values

Company Sims Recycling Solutions s.r.o. announced core values of the policy of quality, environmental protection, information security, occupational safety and health rules and social responsibility:   

  • Safety: Safety is one of our priorities. We believe that it is possible to prevent injuries actively. We pledged to keep a zero harm workplace. We influence company members, employees, suppliers and contractors to observe safety and health rules.
  • Integrity: We believe that observing strong code of ethics is a key element to maintain confidence in our company. We act honestly and we keep the highest level of ethical manners. We meet not only the legislative requirements and corporate rules, but also eligible requirements of interest groups and applicable requirements regarding information security.         
  • Respect: We always treat customers, visitors and other company employees respectfully and with dignity. We cherish the environment full of respect, where everyone has the possibility to overtly share ideas with others. We support team attitude and cooperation.       
  • Transparency: We ensure corresponding level of transparency in everything we do and how we work. We gain trust of our customers, employees and parties concerned. We act with openness and honest in every aspect of our work and we make effort to get feedback. We actively inform external subject about our corporate policy. We demand thorough performance of safety process at the workplace for all parties involved.
  • Excellence: Commitment to continual quality improvement. We constantly improve to come up to expectation of our customers or even to surpass them. We encourage new and innovative ideas with advanced thinking. We put emphasis on constant skills upgrading, education and training of employees. We identify and prevent potential danger, threats and vulnerability so that potential risks were eliminated maximally. We create functional and efficient organizational structure where we connect individual activities to complex processes which are operated as a whole. We monitor customer satisfaction and utilize these findings for another improvement of our products.      
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Our aim is to be the safest recycling company that has the highest sustainability performance in the world. Sims strives for the leading positions in sustainability. We pledged to environment-friendly and sustainable use of sources and we work in a way that minimize wastage and protect environment. We act in order to contribute positively to whole society with pledge for all involved parties that will experience the future impact from decisions we make today.

Management of the company issues and advances this corporate policy, provides required sources for performance and increase the efficiency of the Integrated Management System, for realizing necessary safety measures and implementing key IMS elements.    

Download Corporate policy in pdf