Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethical IT recycling

We provide recycling of IT equipment which is outdated, non-functioning or broken so inappropriate for further use. Our advanced recycling technology is able to process more than 300 000 tons of IT equipment and electronic waste per year and none of that are exported outside of the European Union.

We cooperate with many types of organizations including producers, organizators of collective take-back system, local authorities and end-users. 

Minimal environmental impact

We ensure safe removal of dangerous substances found in IT equipment to ensure minimum impact on the environment. We remove dangerous parts as batteries or parts given for complex restoration like toner cartridges before processing. We invested to specialized devices for cost-effective and ecologically friendly disposal of cathode ray tubes from CRT screens and toners.  

100% guarantee data destruction

We ensure destruction of all your data before IT recycling. Our processes guarantee that all data are destructed. We ensure 100 % protection againsr deceptions and loss of sensitive corporate data.

24/7 process monitoring and compliance with the rules

Our online management system Vadis is available 24/7 so we can track and create reports about condition of your IT equipment in real time.

Code of Conduct

We don't export outdated IT equipment and electronic waste outside of the European Union. All IT equipment which is further sold, is fully tested and we guarantee its functionality.