We are happy that hospitals and medical institutions contact us so often and we are not surprised. Hospitals are perfect customers for refurbished IT equipment.

Why to buy from us?

Reliability and quality - It might be surprising, but we proved, that branded computers HP, DELL, IBM/LENOVO (even used), get after  thorough refurbishment (testing and cleaning, possibly upgrade) more reliable functioning than new custom pc. Our complaint rate with refurbished IT is under 3 % in the long term. We can show you recommendation from hospitals and medical institutions that use are computers for months or years and they are very satisfied with their quality.

Performance - 2 - 4 years old computers cannot reach the performance of the newest machines. On the other hand, our computers offer more than sufficient performance for office software and Internet.

Low price - It is possible to save 50 % of costs, sometimes more. That means you can buy two computers instead of one.

Warranty and service - We provide usually 12 months warranty for IT equipment. After agreement it is possible to prolong the warranty period to two years as with new computers. Discounted after-warranty service is matter of course.

Services - We are capable of providing the same types of computers in the long term, which is useful for corporate networks.

Software - Sims Recycling Solutions s.r.o. as a contractual partner of Microsoft has the MAR (Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher) certificate. Therefore we can provide you legal software on IT equipment for free.

There is a condition that used (refurbished) computers have to be delivered by us and the receiver has to be university hospital or medical training institute.

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional  


We offer legal software Win 10 OEM MAR, Windows Server in more options and other software for the rest of hospitals and medical institutions.

To get more information, please contact Jiří Sotolář on 548 424 918 or on