Sims Group

As a global leader in the secure, sustainable and responsible reuse and recycling of electronics and IT assets, SRS provides enviromentally resposible e-waste recycling and IT asset dispositin (ITAD) programs wich secure 100% digital data destruction.

Our services cover complete end-to-end process from IT implementation, IT refurbishing for reuse or for sale (remarketing) to dismantling and IT recycling.

A leading provider of services related to the IT lifecycle

Ensuring a secure destruction of IT may be time-consuming and complicated. All organizations have to comply with the legislation in data security, to show the responsibility for the environment and to ensure complex logistics. And they have to minimalize impact of disruption of business activity, control loads and ensure the increase of return to investment at the same time.

Sims Recycling Solutions helps organizations with all these steps and much more. 

What we do

Nowadays, when IT budgets are limited and under pressure, Sims Recycling Solutions will help you to maximize the value that you can get from your ITC equipment.

Basic portfolio of services:

  • IT Lifecycle Services - we provide solution tailored to needs throughout the lifetime of ICT,
  • IT Recondition and Upgrade - we will revive old ICT equipment for reuse in your company or for purposes of resale (Remarketing),
  • IT Deployment and Decommissioning - deployment, dismantling, discarding of IT equipment and data centers,
  • IT Re-use and Remarketing - IT equipment reparation for reuse in your company or external sales,
  • IT Recycling - recycling of outdated IT equipment in compliance with WEEE regulations,
  • Returns Management - warranty and post warranty take-back programs for OEM manufacturers, distributors, dealers and retailers,
  • Secure data destruction - various options of secure data destruction practiced by certified methods that meet the requirements of local standards and of our clients,
  • Parts and Component harvesting  - for reuse, distribution or to resell 
  • Projects and Strategy support - we provide consulting, support and value added with every step of your choice,
  • Logistics and Storage facilities - our extensive logistics and storage facilities propose various solutions that help to solve your problems with discarded IT equipment.

By choosing Sims as your partner for finding the most suitable and the most advantageous solution for your redundant or outdated ICT equipment or for ecological disposal of these devices, you decided to cooperate with trustworthy global company which will provide you with cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution in compliance with legislative.  

Our local and global influence

We are the part of Sims Recycling Solutions, world’s largest asset recovery services provider that process more than 500 000 tons of electronics in more than 50 locations in the world.

We have 11 branches for IT equipment recovery in UK and other centers in continental Europe, Australia, Africa and North America. That is why we can provide our services not only in Czech Republic but also in Slovakia and other countries in Europe and worldwide.

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